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“I don’t know why I have the impression that there’s something worth finding in the direction of down…”

“Etude 13”, John Zorn’s Book Of Heads
Marc Ribot, guitar

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You’re listening to WZBC 90.3FM Boston College and this is Test Pattern. Tonight for one hour we focus on the music of guitarist Marc Ribot…

“Prowler”, Soundtracks II
(for a 2002 film by Joe Brewster entitled The Killing Zone)
Marc Ribot, sequencer

“Aelita Suite II”, Shoe String Symphonettes
(for a 1928 film by Yakov Protazanov entitled Aelita Queen of Mars)
Marc Ribot, guitar; Paul Clarvis, drums and percussion; Dave Meric, keyboards; Phil Boyden, violin; Helen Thomas, cello; Mike Kearsey, trombone

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“I always wanted to put together a history of music that included Albert Ayler and Thelonius Monk and Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time Band, which could also be included in the history of rock…”

“Map of Bubbles”, The Lounge Lizards Live In Tokyo
John Lurie, alto; Evan Lurie, piano; Erik Sanko, bass; Dougie Bowne, drums; Curtis Fowlkes, trombone; Roy Nathanson, tenor; Marc Ribot, guitar

“Jockey Full of Bourbon”, Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs
(used in the Jim Jarmusch film Down By Law)
Tom Waits, guitar, vocals; Stephen Arviso Taylor Hodges, drums; Larry Taylor, double bass; Michael Blair, percussion, conga; Marc Ribot, guitar; Ralph Carney, bass sax

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Marc Ribot moved to New York in ’78…

“Hang on St Christopher”, Tom Waits’ Frank’s Wild Years
Tom Waits, vocals; Greg Cohen, alto horn; Ralph Carney, tenor sax; Marc Ribot, guitar; William Schimmel, leslie bass pedals; Michael Blair, drums

“Looks Like Hell”, Shoe String Symphonettes
(for a 1991 film by Karen Bellone and Lisa Rinzler entitled Death By Unnatural Causes)
Marc Ribot, guitar and sampler; Greg Cohen, bass; Jill Jaffe, violin and viola

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“I had been looking for a guitar about seven years ago to play solo on…”

“These Foolish Things”, Don’t Blame Me
Marc Ribot, guitar

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“What happened with the Saints project was that I had done two solos CDs previously. One was Book Of Heads, which is John Zorn’s early pieces for solo guitar. And the other was a CD called Don’t Blame Me on DIW that was solo guitar versions of standards, kind of warped versions of standards…”

“Holy Holy Holy”, Saints
Marc Ribot, guitar

(for a film in production on the life and legacy of Albert Ayler)
Marc Ribot, guitar

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In the early 90s Marc Ribot started a band called Shrek that explored the punk and No Wave components of his music….

“Spigot”, Shrek
Marc Ribot, guitars; Chris Wood, guitar; David Shea, sampler; Sebastian Steinberg, bass; Jim Pugliese, drums

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“I guess when some people think of rock they think of these polished, perfectly-produced records. When I think of rock, I think of like sweaty rooms with people slamming themselves around in a kind of – on a good night – a secular version of some kind of religious experience. Or maybe not so secular after all.”

“Yo! I Killed Your God”, Yo! I Killed Your God
Marc Ribot, vocals, guitars; Chris Wood, guitar; Sebastian Steinberg, bass; Dougie Bowne, drums

“A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”, Rootless Cosmopolitans
Marc Ribot, guitar; Don Byron, bass clarinet, turkey calls; Anthony Coleman, piano; Brad Jones, bass; Richie Schwarz, drums

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In the mid 90s Marc Ribot hooked up with percussionist Roberto Rodriguez of Miami Sound Machine to for Los Cubanos Postizos whose music centered on the work of Cuban musician Arsenio Rodriguez.

“Los Teenagers Bailan Changui”, Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
Marc Ribot, guitar; Anthony Coleman, organ; Brad Jones, bass; EJ Rodriguez, percussion; Robert Rodriguez, drums

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At the present time Marc Ribot has been working with John Zorn in various configurations, most notably Electric Masada…

“Bataille”, Scelsi Morning
Marc Ribot, guitar; Christine Bard, Roberto Rodriguez, percussion, drums; Ned Rothenberg, bass clarinet; Jill Jaffe, violin; Chris Wood, bass; Anthony Coleman, pump organ

“Hodaah”, John Zorn’s Masada Guitars
Marc Ribot, guitar