Great Opportunity for a Baby Waiting Loan?

Probably yes. The question is, to whom? Because it has many benefits, yet there are some who do not like it. For our part, we think it’s worth digging deep into things and seeing if the Baby Waiting 10 million Forints is really a great opportunity. And if so, to whom. Come with us!

What’s good about it?


First of all, the opportunity is to raise up to 10 million forints without funds . It really helps to get to our own home. In this respect it is a bit like a personal loan, but there you have to pay a very high salary for that amount.

We also think it is a great thing that the loan is interest-free . Although we demand from the banks for the Baby Waiting Loan , the interest is borne by the state. That’s why it’s possible that the monthly repayment cannot be higher than 50 thousand HUF. It is cheaper than market loans.

And perhaps the best part is that you do not have to repay it for 3 years after the first child is born. After that, the second child does the same, plus 30 percent of the debt is released. And the remainder when the third child is born.

But who’s good for this Baby Waiting Loan?

But who

Those who are still planning a baby and would like to move into a bigger home. Although the Baby Waiting Loan is not specifically a home loan.

We can use it completely freely, but it would be a pity to spend that much or to make it small. Of course, no one do not want to spend the time set for the property, but we can be indented by HUF 10 million price of an apartment.

It is also a great opportunity for married students


They usually graduate in 5 years. Although they want their own home, it is harder for banks to meet their needs. However, they can easily get the money, and they can make 50 thousand forints a month. And then the graduate salary is even easier.

And here we have just two life situations out of many. What do you think is the help of the Baby Waiting Loan in your life situation? Write to us and we will help! We are looking for every opportunity to help you get to your new home more easily.

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