Well-known lenders' names are often part of larger groups. MyCredit Lender for example (back sponsor at PSV) is part of the Infra Bank. Savershand Bank is a subsidiary of ABN AMRO. Lite lender company is also part of ABN AMRO. Lender Bank is part of LaSer Nederland Ltd which in turn is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. MoneyLuck Savings places its loans with the large Spanish bank Seventies bank. AER bank is a trade name of Delta Lloyd Bank. Fine Bank, Ribank and De Nederlandse Voorschotbank come under Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Nederland. ABN AMRO has OldLoan .

Borrowing from a subsidiary is often cheaper than from the large bank itself. Across Lender, ABN AMRO and RABO usually charge a few percent more interest when taking out a loan.

Compare borrowing

There are several comparison sites that compare lenders. There are considerable differences between the sites. It is therefore wise to compare carefully before taking out a loan and also to consult offers on the internet.

The interest that one actually pays depends on a number of factors. The bank will weigh up the risk that the bank runs with the loan. It looks at BKR registrations and how you paid off in the past. As a rule, therefore, someone who earns little and therefore has less room to maneuver will pay a higher interest rate than someone who can pay a lot. The amount of the loan also makes a considerable difference. The interest on a loan of US $ 25,000 is lower than with a loan of US $ 2,500. The interest rates are usually the best at the smaller banks. The conditions for the loans are, however, better at the large banks.

Banks often want to sell payment protectors in addition to the loan. If this is a condition for a loan, there may be little choice. If this is not the case, as a borrower you should consider whether a payment protector is really necessary. The loan will become hundreds of euros more expensive.