Earning money with homework

If you are looking for quick credit, you probably first think of a cheap loan . Yet there are also ways in which you can earn money. The website of Thuiswerkinpakwerk.nl contains a few nice ideas about tax-free extra income .


There are still a lot of people in the Netherlands who are looking for home work packing work. If you are on benefits, you may earn a certain amount. How much exactly depends on the benefit. Someone with a WAO / Wajong benefit may earn more than with social assistance benefit and also for a longer period of time. There are a number of packaging companies that work for thousands of web shops and take care of the logistics of this webshop. Homeworkers are often called in for urgent jobs or for jobs that are cheaper manually. If you want to do packing work, you must live close to (max. 20 km) from the packing company. You will be paid according to the number of items you have packed. You are not paid by the hour.

Car sharing = extra income

Car sharing is a form of extra income that is a lot more relaxed (than packing work) and where you can also earn a nice amount. How much you earn depends on a number of things. First, what kind of car do you have, what is your rental price and how many people in your area want to rent a shared car? A random example is an Opel Combo that is rented for USD 35 per day. As a landlord, you can indicate yourself when the car is available. As a lessor, you also have the final say on who is allowed to drive your car. In short, car sharing can provide a nice extra income for a little effort. The rental organization provides all-risk insurance so that you are covered against damage. Greenwheels works with a modern fleet and also allows private cars.

Email clicks & surveys

This is one of the first forms of working from home: clicking on advertisements in emails. It pays 1 cent per click. You have to make sure that your account remains reasonably active, otherwise they will let the accumulated credit expire. You must also use a separate email address otherwise you will receive a lot of advertising in your inbox. Some companies more or less force their customers to buy something through their program in order to build up enough loyalty points. Clicking emails is not a recommended thing to do. It can yield a few bucks per month.


The fastest way to get credit is to go to the pawn shop. You can sell or lend items of value. In the latter case, the pawnshop will give you a cheap credit that you can pay back a few months later. An important difference with a mini loan is that you do not have to pay an expensive deposit at the pawnshop. This surety (or guarantee) was banned by the Dutch court last summer.