Borrow money in Belgium

take out a loan in Belgium without BKR

Do you have a negative code at the BKR, too little income or urgently need money in the short term? There are regular advertisements for borrowing money in Belgium. The Belgian bank will of course like to know why you as a Dutch person want to take out a loan or mortgage in Belgium. Dutch mortgages, for example, are not registered with the BKR; Mortgages are only registered if there is a payment arrears of at least 120 days.

The bank in Belgium knows that the main reason will be that the Dutch customer does not want a review of the BKR . Many banks in Belgium will therefore not start because there are too many risks involved. Nevertheless, there will be banks that would like to greet you as a customer. The financial situation will be well controlled. As a customer, you must of course also carefully review the conditions of the Belgian loan. Funding Square Bank is a French bank in Belgium and is regularly mentioned as a bank where Dutch people can also go.

Belgium and BKR

There is also a similar body to the Dutch BKR in Belgium. The official name of this body is called Central Credit for Private Individuals (CKP). The CKP is part of the National Bank of Belgium. It registers all private loans + arrears that are closed in Belgium. Lenders should consult the CKP before granting a loan. There is also a Central Corporate Credit Register (CKO). At the end of 2013, more than 340,000 defaulters were registered in Belgium, who together had more than 500,000 private loans. In Belgium, one can obtain free insight into these data by contacting the