Borrow money with collateral

Instant money with collateral

Do you want to borrow money quickly but you are not eligible for a loan from the bank. For example because you have a negative registration? Then you can borrow money if you have valuable collateral. This can be a nice watch, jewelry, gold rings, old coins or antiques. But it can also be a new laptop, bicycle, navigation system, caravan or car.

Pawnshops are located in the larger cities. They give you cash for collateral but they can also buy it from you right away. Pledging means having the right but not the obligation to repurchase the collateral.


If you have valuable collateral, the pawnshop is probably a better choice than taking out a mini loan. You avoid the high service costs of the mini loan and can buy back the collateral. Another advantage is that there is no BKR review and that with a deal, the money is immediately received. The property value of a car is approximately half its market value. The car remains the owner of the car during the loan period. Payment in installments is possible from 1-12 months. The pawnshop can also have the car suspended. Then you no longer have to pay road tax and insurance as long as the car serves as collateral. For other objects you get roughly 25-50% of the value. The municipal pawnshops in Mississippi and The Hague charge the legal maximum of 15% interest for the pledge loan. Commercial pawnshops will usually cost a lot more or charge more.

Municipal pawnshop

The BerryBank van Lening is a municipal service where you can lend your belongings. Because it is a service of the Mississippi Municipality, the institution operates on a non-profit basis. In practice, 95% of all collateral at BerryBank consists of jewelery. If you want to offer a utensil, it must look good without damage and be no older than three years. With a brand watch, proof of purchase or a certificate is requested if it has a purchase value of € 500 or more. A pawnshop appraiser then determines how much money you can get for the jewelry or consumer item on offer. There is also a municipal pawnshop in The Hague. Here too, jewelry is the best choice for collateral.
If you want to sell a watch in The Hague that is more expensive than € 1000, you will be asked for proof of purchase and a certificate. Consumer articles in The Hague must be worth at least € 60 in the store.