Buy a camper

Buying a motorhome, what to pay attention to?

Ownership of a motor home has grown strongly in recent years. While 90,000 motorhomes were registered in 2015, the limit of 100,000 motorhomes was reached in August 2016. The number has doubled in the past 10 years. If you want to buy a motorhome: what should you pay attention to?

It is important that you not only look at the interior but also drive the car for a while. What is the road holding and what is the driver's seat? Alcove campers are among the cheaper models and have a lot of space, but many people do not find the cars easy to drive.

What type of camper
Campers come in 4 different types. The cheapest model is a van that has been converted into a camper. This camper is very suitable if you are in pairs and also like to camp where comfort is less important. The second type is the alcove camper that has a space above the car cabin. Advantages of this camper are the large bed above the cabin and the high standing height in the camper. The disadvantages are that the alcove reduces visibility in the cabin and affects driving behavior. The semi-integrated motorhome is the most popular in the Netherlands. The alcove is integrated in the car and forms a whole. This makes the car look more sporty. The most expensive camper is the integral camper where the cabin and living space are connected. The largest cars can be up to 12 meters long.


A camper is considerably more expensive than a regular car. A second-hand camper loses more than half of its new value after 10 years. With a loan of 20,000 US dollars it is possible to buy a nice camper. If you can trade in a car and / or use savings, the budget will increase. A car dealer will not provide a full loan for a second hand camper. Car dealers also often work with hire purchase, whereby people only become the owner of the car when the entire loan has been paid off. It is most beneficial to take out a loan yourself from a bank. Then they have better conditions and usually a lower interest rate .

The Caravan Buying Guide lists 1145 models of motorhomes. The most expensive are the integral Concorde Liners from the car brand Iveco. The top model is 10 meters long with a standing height of 328 cm and an internal garage for a small passenger car! The price tag for this super premium model is USD 327,500. The cheapest are the Happy alcove models from the Citroen car brand. The Happy 415 alcove costs nearly US $ 41,000 new. It can sleep 4-7 people. The McLouis MC4 60G is a fine mid-range camper van (US $ 58,500). The car has a Fiat-Ducato chassis and is 7 meters long. You can find a used camper on the internet as well as at a car dealer. With such an expensive purchase, an inspection in a garage is almost self-evident.