Remove BKR registration

Take out BKR registration with loan
Anyone who takes out a credit with a minimum term of 3 months and an amount of more than € 500 is included in the BKR. This can be a personal loan, a revolving credit, but also the credit of a mail order company. Mortgages are not registered, but they are if one has a payment arrears of more than 120 days. Mobile phone subscriptions with a free mobile of more than 250 US dollars will be registered with the BKR again. The cabinet recently decided this after an advice from the Supreme Court.

Debts remain in the BKR for a long time
After the credit expires, the data will remain in the system for another 5 years. Student debts are not included in the BKR. Many graduates (39%) consciously or otherwise conceal the blame when applying for a mortgage. The BKR would therefore like to see these debts also appear in the database.

BKR codes

The BKR has 2 codes: the A (for Arrears) and H (for Herstel). In addition, there are 5 special codes that indicate that something is wrong. It is important to know that lenders are not obliged to announce in advance that they have posted a special feature code. With an A-coding and H-coding, this is mandatory and must be told to the customer in advance. For example, a Code 4 means 'The borrower turned out to be unreachable'. And Code 2 stands for 'The claim has been made due and payable'.

Remove BKR registration (1)

It is not necessary to buy a manual to cancel a BKR registration. First of all, one must know what BKR coding is involved and for which credit one has incurred this negative registration. This can be seen by going to the website of the BKR to the page 'Request data'. An overview on paper costs 4.95 US dollars. The overview contains the personal data + how one is registered. If there is a negative registration, it will be mentioned. Online it costs 7.50, but then you can view the data on the BKR for 12 months. The most expensive is MijnBKR Premium (12.50 US dollar). With this account you can also see which lenders have viewed the data.

Remove BKR registration (2)

After viewing the personal data, it is known which negative registration is involved. The next step is to submit a request for correction to the company that issued the negative registration. The company can order the BKR to remove the registration. If an agreement cannot be reached, one can go to the BKR Disputes Committee. The judgment of the BKR Disputes Committee is binding for both parties.