Borrow money with negative BKR registration

Even with a negative BKR registration it is possible to borrow amounts up to almost 1000 US dollars. The money can be received the same day if the bundle “Fast” is chosen. The amount depends on whether you are a new customer or have already borrowed several times. If you are new, you usually can not borrow more than 400 US dollars. If you submit and submit an initial application, the lender will request that your account be activated. A few documents must also be sent. After the documents have been received, the application can be completed. The mini loan must be fully repaid within 15-30 days, including the costs. One must earn a minimum of $ 900 net to apply.

The mini loan can offer a solution for people who urgently need money to bridge a short period. For example, to pay the rent or energy bill on time. When the salary comes in again, the mini loan can be paid off immediately.

Costs Mini loan

The interest is 15%, but the interest rate will not really get you in trouble. On a loan of 600 US dollars, the interest after 1 month is 7 US dollars. What can count are the service costs. For example, costs can be charged for a simple application and costs for a payment on the same day. The service costs for a quick treatment are quickly 20% of the loan amount. On a loan of USD 600, there can be an additional USD 120 in service costs. In short, borrowing money quickly with a negative registration does not have to be a problem. The full amount (loan + costs) must be repaid in one go after 15-30 days. If you are unable to do this, the financial problems will only increase. Do you want to take out a mini loan and you can wait a week for the payment; then do the standard procedure. This can save you the high service costs.