Reliable credit card

05/11/2018 credit 0

There are a lot of credit cards for sale. How do you know whether you are dealing with a reliable credit card or a rogue lender? […]

Collection costs

10/10/2017 credit 0

How high can collection costs be? You occasionally read messages from people who have to pay hundreds of euros extra in collection costs. Can this just from […]

Viabuy review credit card

01/08/2017 credit 0

In the Netherlands we are used to paying almost everything in cash or by debit card. The credit card is only taken for online purchases and holidays. […]

Prepaid credit card

07/05/2017 credit 0

If you have a bank account, you can usually also apply for a credit card. In the past, people had to have a permanent job for this. […]

Pay2d credit card

21/02/2017 credit 0

Payment cards In the Netherlands, the vast majority of people pay with a bank card. In most cases, the payment card will contain […]