Reliable credit card

05/11/2018 credit 0

There are a lot of credit cards for sale. How do you know whether you are dealing with a reliable credit card or a rogue lender? […]

Fund Oval

01/10/2018 credit 0

Apply for a business credit. Where do you do that best? More and more lenders appear on the internet with unknown names but that do respond to […]

Borrow money easily

13/09/2018 credit 0

Court prohibits a guarantee Borrowing money easily? Until recently, the mini loan was the credit of choice if you needed money quickly. It was easy […]

Apply for business credit

29/03/2018 credit 0

Record profits in 2017 On March 26, 2018, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published an article about record profits at non-financial companies. The […]

Taking out a business loan

20/10/2017 credit 0

Business credit Where can you best take out a business loan? The major banks Rabo, Across Lender and ABN AMRO also dominate the Dutch market in the […]

Collection costs

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How high can collection costs be? You occasionally read messages from people who have to pay hundreds of euros extra in collection costs. Can this just from […]

Social bank

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When you think of social bank, you randomly think that it is easier to get a loan. Is this correct? What is a […]