How many loans are you allowed to have

How many loans are you allowed to have? There are a lot of people unaware that they already have different credits if they want to apply for a loan from the bank. Red at the mail order company, red at the bank, a credit card, telephone credit and buying on credit at clothing stores. It all counts if you want to borrow money from the bank. A lender does not so much look at the number of credits you have, but more at the size and your income. If that ratio is still in order, you can take out a new loan .


Frisia is a mediation agency where you can apply for a loan. The advantage of a brokerage agency is that they do business with several banks and you therefore have a better chance of a favorable credit. One bank can lend more money than another bank. Frisa does business with, among others, Fine Bank and Lite lender company, which are subsidiaries of ABN AMRO and Credit Agricole (one of the largest European banks). The mediator does the preliminary work. If they approve your application, your loan will be fine.

Seventies bank

Seventies bank is a Spanish bank and a favorite choice if you do not have a high income. You can already borrow 1500 US dollars at Seventies bank. This can be repaid in 95 monthly installments of 22.50 US dollar. At many banks, 5,000 US dollars is the minimum amount. In the event of your death, you can protect your surviving relatives with a life insurance policy. For a small amount, this insurance removes the risk that your next of kin will end up with a debt. If you're worried about how many loans you can have, Seventies bank seems like a good choice. Paying off a $ 1,500 loan is a lot easier than borrowing $ 10,000. The interest that you have to pay is higher at Seventies bank than at Frisia. Do you not have a high income and you still want a loan? Then you probably have the best chance at Seventies bank.

Credit Group Netherlands

The Krediet Groep Nederland is a relatively unknown lender. Just like Frisa, it is a brokerage agency. However, with the Credit Group you can already get a credit from 5,000 US dollars and this increases your chance of a loan if you have a lower income. Another special credit from them is the Combination Loan. This is a mix of a personal loan and revolving credit where the loan is guaranteed to be lower, even if you occasionally withdraw some money.

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow depends on various factors and this can lead to very large differences. A single person with a rented house of 600 US dollars, no children and a net income of 1950 US dollars can borrow 28,000 US dollars. However, if this person lives together (in the same situation without his partner having income) then the requested credit drops from 28,000 US dollars to 9,000 US dollars! The minimum credit that can be applied for is 1500 US dollars.


If you have a social assistance benefit or are on unemployment benefit, you cannot borrow money. The lender wants to be sure that you have enough income structurally. If you have a WAO, WIA or Wajong benefit, there are options. If your payment is more or less fixed, this gives the bank more security than if you still have to undergo a re-inspection.


Of course you may not have a negative registration with the BKR Foundation, otherwise you cannot apply for credit. A negative entry remains in the database for no less than 5 years and ensures that you can no longer borrow anything. So you avoid permanent payment arrears. Because this will have a major impact on how many loans you are allowed to have. With the revolving credit at Seventies bank (from 1500 US dollars), the chance of a negative BKR is a lot smaller. Do you always get a rejection on a loan and do you meet the conditions for a loan? Then create an account with the BKR and check the status of your loans. You will not be the first to be surprised that a company has given you a negative registration in the past. This could be, for example, if you have ever not paid an invoice because you disagreed with the invoice. If you find an unjustified negative registration, please contact the BKR and dispute it. After the removal you can borrow money again.

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