Fund Oval

Apply for a business credit. Where do you do that best? More and more lenders appear on the internet with unknown names but that do respond to market needs. A simple online application and a quick assessment within 24 hours. Fund Oval is one of those institutions that people can turn to. The crowdfunding fund has already lent more than $ 6 billion through their platform.

What is Fund Oval?

Fund Oval is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors with companies. As an investor you receive significantly more interest at Fund Oval than at the bank. At the same time, you also run a greater risk that the money will not be repaid. That is why the interest is higher than with the regular bank. Fund Oval tries as best it can to screen applicants for business credit. Are you as an investor looking for a crowdfunding fund, take a look at the Fund Oval reviews . You can participate as an investor from 100 US dollars.

figures and amounts
The company was founded in the UK in 2010. In 2013, the platform expanded to the United States (2013), Germany (2014) and in 2015 to the Netherlands. There are currently about 81,000 investors who lend money to Fund Oval and 51,000 companies that have received a corporate credit. Since the start in 2015, the Dutch branch has provided 2000 loans. US $ 38 million was lent in the first 6 months of this year. That is more than in the whole of 2017. The company is now the largest crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. The maximum credit is € 250,000.

Nearly 2,100 loans

Fund Oval recently launched a new statistics page. This page shows very transparently how much credit has been lent and how many loans are in arrears. The latter is of course important. After all, as an investor you want to get your loaned money back. According to statistics, a total of USD 93 million in business credit has been provided. There are currently 2,099 loans in the Netherlands. A quarter of the loaned money has now been repaid. These are mainly loans from the 2015/2016 period. The outstanding amount makes up 73% and the credits to be written off made up 2% of the whole.

Fifty loans were ultimately not repaid by the borrowers. That is 2% of the whole. Loans that are 90 days or more in arrears are fully written off. Investors will then have lost their money in that project. Fund Oval's recovery team usually knows how to get some money back, but that is not the entire investment. According to the figures on the statistics page, bad loans are getting better and better. Compared to previous years, there are fewer loans in arrears. More information about this can be found on the Fund Oval website.

Credit reported to BKR

Fund Oval is not a bank and is therefore not supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank. Lending takes place directly between investors and companies. However, the platform does report credits to freelancers and VOFs to the BKR. Business credits to BVs are not passed on to the BKR because this is not mandatory. Even if you have payment arrears, this is required to be reported to the BKR.


How does Fund Oval earn its money? This can be done by asking the committee about the loans that have been established. Companies whose application for a business credit is approved pay a one-off 2-5% commission on the net loan. There is no information on our website when you pay 2%. You will probably pay a higher commission with a small credit and a low commission with a large credit. As a borrower, you also pay 1% monthly service costs on the interest payments.

How to sign up

There are dozens of crowdfunding funds that you know as an entrepreneur. It is very important that you write a good business plan in which you clearly demonstrate what your financing need is and how you are going to pay it back. The crowdfunding platform will only approve your application if they have confidence in your plan. They will soon have to account for themselves to the investors. If there are too many debited loans, this is not an advertisement for the platform. Many applications from companies die because the business plan is poorly developed and therefore rejected.

Also write a short and powerful story (pitch) in which you present your own and why you want to borrow money. After all, you have to convince the people on the crowdfunding platform that they should put money into your company. A well-written pitch earns significantly more credit than a poorly written story.