Borrow 1000 US dollars

UPDATE: guarantee prohibited by court
The lenders of mini loans received a heavy blow in July 2018. A judge in Rotterdam ruled that the so-called surety / guarantee was in violation of the law and that this is prohibited . Lender Loanrider from Estonia overplayed his hand by taking a debtor to a Dutch court. This judge made short work of the company from Estonia and banned the guarantee. From now on, only the maximum interest may be charged (14%). This could well mean the end of mini-credits in the Netherlands because the most lucrative element of these loans has now been canceled.

Borrow 1000 US dollars
Borrowing a thousand US dollars falls under the concept of mini loan. A consumer credit that you can take out with a regular bank is at least 1500 US dollars. The mini loans are between 100 and 1000 US dollars.

Take out a mini loan

If you want to take out a mini loan of 1000 US dollar for the first time, this is done via the website. The lender asks to activate the account and to send a number of documents. You can also indicate on the request whether you want to purchase a fast service bundle or opt for a free service option.

If you want to receive money on the same day of application, there is the fast service bundle. Naturally, this fast service costs extra money on top of your interest. Customers who want to take out a mini loan of almost 1000 US dollars must be sure that they can pay back on time. If you can wait a week, follow the standard procedure and not the emergency handling. This saves you the extra money of the service bundle.

Security is prohibited
There are sometimes lenders where you do not have to buy an extra service bundle but who do ask for a deposit. Sometimes when applying for the mini loan, it may be asked that someone else is responsible for your deposit. This is especially the case if the lender is not sufficiently convinced that the mini loan will be repaid on time. If you do not have anyone in your area that you can (want to) fall back on, you sometimes have to buy the guarantee ( Update : this guarantee was prohibited by the Dutch court in the summer of 2018).


Students between the ages of 18-35 who are following an MBO / HBO / university education are eligible for a credit card at the bank. Depending on the training and grade, one can be in the red between 500 and 5000 US dollars. The following month, the borrowed money must be repaid in full. Remember this when you make a particular purchase with your credit card. The following month, the amount will be completely debited from your bank account.