Payment arrangement

It is possible that your debts have grown so fast that paying off has become a problem. If this is the case, try to find a solution with your creditors in a timely manner. It is also better for them that you are supported than that they completely lose their money.

Amicable settlement
If you can make a payment in installments over a certain period, this arrangement is called an 'amicable settlement'. Your debt will only be paid back at a slower rate. If you turn to debt counseling at your municipality, they will try to reach an agreement with the creditors. If they do not agree with this, a payment arrangement will follow. This can be a lot worse for creditors than an amicable settlement.

Payment arrangement with money from credit bank
If the debt is not very high, the Municipal Credit Bank (GKB) can offer a solution. With a loan from the Municipal Credit Bank you can repay all creditors in one go. From now on you only have to deal with 1 creditor and that is the GKB. This social bank charges a small interest because they don't have to make a profit. Of course you must simply repay otherwise the loan will be canceled. The Municipal Credit Bank does not lend to everyone. Only people with an income of up to 130% of the minimum wage or older people over 65 are eligible. Another condition for a loan is often that you have a negative BKR. If you have a higher income, you cannot go to the GKB . You will then have to see whether a regular bank wants to provide a loan.

Statutory debt restructuring
The Natural Persons Debt Restructuring Act (Wsnp) is a statutory regulation to become debt-free again. Creditors can get back part of the debt. The remainder will be waived. The one with the debts will be under supervision for 36 months. Your benefit / salary is managed by the administrator who pays the expenses and gives you pocket money to live on. All your mail will also be sent to your administrator for the first 13 months. The mail will be forwarded to you with a large yellow sticker on it. This will state that the post comes from the administrator. After 36 months, you are debt-free and you can start with a clean slate. Creditors can no longer claim money once they are in the Wsnp scheme and not afterwards.

CZ payment scheme
If the health insurer CZ falls behind with the premium payment for the health insurance, you will first receive two reminders. This is followed by two summons (each summons is at least 40 US dollars extra), after which CZ forwards the bill to the bailiff. This person may seize your income, house and household effects. In the event of a 6-month premium payment arrears, the default payer will be registered with the CAK, which will from now on automatically deduct the premium for the health insurance. A high surcharge is added to this deduction. The monthly care allowance is also withheld by the CAK. If payment arrears, the health insurance cannot be canceled nor is it possible to switch to another health insurance policy. It is therefore important to request a payment arrangement from your own health insurer in good time.

Postpone payment KPN
At KPN you can postpone the payment of your invoice once by one month.

Tax payment scheme
A payment arrangement of 12 months can be requested by telephone via the tax telephone. Repayment of excess allowance received can be made in a maximum of 24 months. You can also request a postponement of payment for 4 months.

Waiving fines
A traffic fine higher than € 225 or higher may be paid in installments. Remission is only possible if one voluntarily follows a debt restructuring project.