Borrow money without BKR

Borrowing money without BKR is possible . Smaller loans from 100 to 1000 US dollars are called mini loans or mini loans. Lenders should actually also consult the BKR for small amounts. Because the Lenders also have an office abroad, they are not obliged to test the BKR. Of course, that does not mean that there is no more control. The financial institutions themselves check whether a customer will be able to take on a mini loan. Lower requirements are set for creditworthiness than the large banks will. This means they take a higher risk, which results in higher closing costs.

Money within 24 hours

Characteristic of a mini loan is the fast payment and short term. The loans are actually intended to pay an urgent bill for which you do not have the money at the moment. It is then important to repay the mini loan as soon as your income comes in. If the lender gets his money back quickly, the application will be arranged even faster the next time (if you need money again). Disadvantages of the mini loan are the high costs for a quick application, the short term of 15-30 days and penalty costs if you fail to repay. In practice, there are quite a few customers who are unable to repay the entire credit in 1 x.