Borrow with benefits

Taking out a loan with benefits is possible, but it is often not easy. The ordinary banks will not process the application so quickly. People with an AOW, pension and WAO (date of birth before 1954) have the most chance. If one is in the WAO, the benefit with some lenders is set at 70% in the calculation of what one can borrow.

The amount of the loan also depends on the personal situation: how high are the fixed costs, do you have a partner or children? In short, costs that directly influence the free spending space.

Assistance and WW: BerryBank

Social welfare recipients and people on unemployment benefits have poor prospects of borrowing money . The borrowing capacity is either too low (social assistance) or the benefit is not long-term (ww). A good alternative to borrow is the BerryBank loan; the social credit bank of the municipality.

If you cannot take out a loan from any bank or only want to borrow a small amount, the BerryBank is a good choice. The city banks operate on a non-profit basis. You will therefore not have to pay high service costs. People with an income of up to 130% of the minimum wage can go to BerryBank. However, there are exceptions to this limit (of 130%). People who have problematic debts or a negative registration with the BKR can sometimes also go to the BerryBank. Depending on the BerryBank, an on-welfare couple can pay off about $ 78 for a loan.

Mini loan without BKR

A mini-credit is usually not an alternative if you are on benefits. The lenders often only give money to employees with a net income of 900 US dollars or higher. Temporary employees and self-employed persons cannot rely on a mini loan. In addition, the mini loan has a short term (usually 15-45 days), after which the entire amount, including costs, must be repaid. Of course there are also a few arguments that you are considering it. There is no BKR check and the request can be made by mobile within 10 minutes. Upon approval, the money will be transferred to your bank account within one working day. More information on: take out mini loan (Update: since the summer of 2018, the guarantee has been prohibited by the Dutch court).

Car sharing

A nice alternative to borrowing money is car sharing . By renting out your car per day / hour you can earn a lot of extra money without having to leave home.