BerryBank's loan

BerryBank's loan in Mississippi & The Hague

Items can be borrowed for cash at the major municipal city banks in Mississippi and The Hague. The loan period lasts for a certain period (6-9 months). When that period has ended and the customer does not buy back the collateral, it will be auctioned. The vast majority of the collateral in Mississippi is jewelry (95%).

Proofs of purchase must be submitted when computers, bicycles, navigation systems and new items are sold. Logical, of course, because the pawnshop does not want to be a healer of stolen things. If the collateral is a commodity, it must not be too old; generally up to 3 years old. One must identify with an ID card or a driver's license.

City benches

City banks are often municipal government institutions that operate on a non-profit basis. They provide social credits, budget management and debt relief. You are eligible for a loan if you have an income of up to 130% of the gross minimum wage. A loan is also sometimes possible at the age of 65 and older. BerryBank East Netherlands works for 22 municipalities in Twente and the Achterhoek. Credit Bank More is the BerryBank for the residents of 19 municipalities in the province of Limburg. The branch organization is the NVVK; the Dutch Association for Debt Assistance and Social Banking. In total, more than 90 public institutions and private companies are affiliated with the NVVK.