Borrow money without income

difficult to borrow money
Without a fixed income it is difficult to get a regular loan of at least 2500 US dollars. People who have a temporary job or on benefits will usually not be able to turn to the large bank (Across Lender, Abn Amro, Rabo). The gross average income in 2015 is approximately 35,500 US dollars. What are the possibilities?

Municipal credit bank and private loan

Do you have an income of up to 130% of the minimum or the age of 65 and above? Then the Municipal Credit Bank can offer a solution. Due to its social nature, the municipal bank is more inclined to offer people with few options a small loan. Naturally, the risks are well mapped out, just like with a normal bank. Only people with a low income (up to about US $ 100 more as a social assistance benefit) can go there. Maximum repayment is approximately $ 81 for a family. One could then borrow a maximum of 2650 US dollars.

Another option is a private loan . It is of course best to borrow money from a family member. The advantage of this loan is the low interest rate because both parties know and trust each other. Private loans are also possible with unknown individuals on websites such as Marktplaats. You have to be very careful with that. These private individuals lend money without BKR testing, but ask for a high interest rate. In addition, they will not be lenient if you are in default of the refund. High collection costs and bailiffs will soon follow.

Mini loan

A mini loan is an amount of up to 900 US dollars. The big advantage of the mini loan is that the formalities are limited. The application can be processed immediately, after which an immediate payment can be made. The disadvantage is the high costs that the mini loan entails. The duration is also very short (30 days). The loan + costs must be repaid in one go. The mini loan is therefore only suitable if you have to pay something urgent that cannot be postponed. And of which you are sure that you can pay back after receiving your salary.