Reliable credit card

There are a lot of credit cards for sale. How do you know whether you are dealing with a reliable credit card or a rogue lender? The most secure is to purchase an official credit card from Mastercard or Visa Card. These are the two market leaders in this sector. American Express is a great third choice.

Mastercard credit card

In the Netherlands we mainly know Mastercard. This company's logo is featured prominently on the Across Lender bank's credit card. Mastercard is therefore familiar to many Dutch people. If you apply for a credit card, you must meet a number of requirements. After all, you receive credit and the lender wants to exclude as much risk as possible. A job with sufficient income is the most important condition. A permanent job provides the most security for the application. If you have a temporary job, it depends on your personal situation whether your application is approved. It is also important that you do not have a negative BKR listing. You must be at least 18 years old to submit an application.

Benefits Mastercard

Mastercard is the most widely accepted credit card in the world. The card is known as a reliable credit card. You can easily rent a car with it in America, book hotels or reserve meals with it. Purchases in stores are covered by purchase protection; These purchases are protected against theft, damage or loss for 180 days. If you are going on holiday to America, a reliable credit card is a must. In America everything is handled with credit cards. You can pay much less with your bank card. A prepaid credit card is often not enough when renting a car. You need a standard credit card from Mastercard or Visa for that.

Apply for a credit card

You can apply for the card online and it will be sent to your home address after approval. You will also receive a pin code that accompanies the credit card. If you order something online, you will usually not be asked for this pin code, but if you are making a larger purchase, you will certainly have to enter your pin code. You can settle small payments simply by making contactless payments. The first year you often receive a credit as a gift. A regular credit card costs around US $ 25 per year.

Prepaid credit card

The Mastercard logo is on many credit cards, especially prepaid credit cards. With these prepaid credit cards you have to be more careful because the costs here are often a bit higher than with a standard card. The prepaid Mastercard Classic is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable card with reasonable costs. The card fee is per year. Online you can see exactly what you paid and what the costs were. The card contribution is per year. There is also a credit card that debits the contribution in one go for three years at a time. Then you have already lost 90 US dollars without using the card! Many new customers are shocked by this. You will not easily encounter this when buying a standard credit card. The big advantage of a prepaid credit card is that you can determine the balance yourself. If you put 100 US dollars on it, no more than that can be deducted. That is a nice certainty if you make small purchases abroad.

American Express

American Express is a well-known brand that inspires confidence everywhere. Their network has 112 million credit cards of which 50 million are issued in America. There are 4 cards: Blue, Green, Gold and Platium. The Blue Card is the cheapest at 4 US dollars per month. American Express has no fixed spending limit. The limit is determined on the basis of your income, spending pattern and membership duration. The Platinum Card is free for the first three months and costs USD 58 per month thereafter. With this very reliable credit card you get access to all kinds of VIP lounges at airports, free upgrades at hotels and extensive insurance.

Business Card

small businesses and freelancers can also turn to American Express. The credit card company developed a number of special business cards for companies. The American Express Corporate Gold Card covers medical assistance on business trips up to $ 200,000. The Travel Inconvenience Insurance is also nice if a booked trip is less convenient than planned. Cancellation insurance and luggage insurance are also included as standard. A Business Card is very useful when you are traveling for your company. If you later want to declare your expenses to your employer or the tax authorities, it is highly desirable that these expenses are not on your private credit card.

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