Viabuy review credit card

In the Netherlands we are used to paying almost everything in cash or by debit card. The credit card is only taken for online purchases and holidays. Although a credit card is included in the bank package as standard, it is not surprising to buy a prepaid credit card. After all, you do not accrue debt. A normal credit card grants you credit which you have to pay back afterwards. The credit card debt is also registered with the BKR and can influence the amount of a loan or mortgage. With a prepaid card there is no registration or verification of your income.

Viabuy credit card

There are many providers of prepaid credit cards on the internet. Viabuy is a well-known company that has been active in this business for years. The Viabuy Prepaid Mastercards have different limits. The lowest limit is a basic card (IDV1) with a maximum balance of 1000 US dollars per year. This is useful if you only have an occasional expense. For example, occasional payment in a restaurant or in a shop. By keeping a low balance, people who act in bad faith can deduct little money from your prepaid account.

1000 US dollars a year is not enough for most customers. When you are on vacation, you generally do not have enough of 1000 US dollars per year. They can upgrade to the second level (IDV2) where the limit is set at USD 15,000 per year. With an IDV2 limit you can pay 1000 US dollars per month and withdraw a maximum of 2400 US dollars per day. At the highest limit (IDV3) there are no more limits in money. Each limit has a higher level of identification that requires people to reveal more personal information about them. This is to ensure security and prevent fraud. More information about the limits can be read on Viabuy review of Debitcardinfo .

To transfer money

A transfer from your bank to the Viabuy Mastercard is free of charge with a bank transfer. This takes one to two working days. With Ideal you can transfer money immediately for a small fee of 1.75%. This way you determine how much balance there is on the card. If there is not enough money on it, you can top it up with a bank transfer and you can easily refund a surplus. It is also possible to deposit cash or have family or acquaintances top up the account. You may do 60 top ups per month and a maximum of 3 per day.

Pay installments

You cannot pay in installments with a prepaid credit card. The card works just like a regular bank card : the amount due is debited immediately. You cannot go into debt.