Prepaid credit card

If you have a bank account, you can usually also apply for a credit card. In the past, people had to have a permanent job for this. Nowadays the rules have changed and become a lot more flexible. When money comes into the bank account every month, an application is usually approved. In addition to a regular credit card, it can be useful to request a prepaid credit card. This card is especially suitable for purchases on the internet and on holiday.

Prepaid credit card

More and more Dutch people buy a prepaid credit card in addition to their regular credit card. A prepaid card has a few important advantages over a fixed card. The main advantage is that you can determine the balance on the card yourself. Unfortunately, on holiday it is no exception that more money is withdrawn by a local shopkeeper or restaurant than was on the account. A fixed card has a budget of a few thousand US dollars. An over-debited amount is often only noticed when you return home. With the prepaid credit card, the risk of abuse is a lot smaller. Money is easily transferred from the bank account to the card. An excess of balance can also be easily reversed without high costs.


It is best to compare a number of prepaid credit cards first. The one with the lowest prices is not always the cheapest. A Viabuy credit card is free for the first three years. The annual costs do not have to be paid until the fourth year. What makes the Viabuy card so expensive is the issue costs of 90 US dollars. This amount will be deducted from your balance in 1 x. In this way you actually pay 30 US dollars per year. This makes Viabuy one of the most expensive prepaid cards to choose. Many customers are not aware of this and think they are buying a free credit card. In the reviews on the internet Viabuy scores a big unsatisfactory. Perhaps a reason to choose Viabuy is that you can pay anonymously. No ID is required for a Viabuy partner card. Your real identity can remain hidden from the outside world with a partner card.

Best credit card

Visa card and Mastercard are the two market leaders in credit cards. Their prepaid credit cards are recognized worldwide and have an excellent reputation abroad. The credit cards are therefore ideal for small purchases, meals and other personal expenses. You can check the credits and debits via the website at any time. If something is wrong, you can contact the issuer of the credit card. He can immediately take measures and refund the money in case of fraudulent use. In addition, purchases with the prepaid credit card are covered against loss, theft or damage for 180 days. Contactless payment is a safe way to pay for small purchases. However, this is not yet possible everywhere.