Pay2d credit card

Payment cards
In the Netherlands, the vast majority of people pay with a bank card. In most cases there will be a Maestro logo on the payment card. This is a brand owned by the well-known credit card issuer MasterCard. The largest company that issues credit cards is Visa Card. Their main payment card in Europe is V Pay. In the Netherlands, V Pay is used by OLN Bank. Pay2d is a new prepaid credit card that V pay has developed together with Visa.

Payment behavior in the Netherlands

The Dutch use a credit card relatively little. An article from the NRC (from the end of 2015) stated that almost 60% of the Dutch have a credit card, but that at least they paid with it. The article was based on data from the Payments Association. In 2014, 53% of the people paid in cash and 45% of the payments were with a debit card. The number of times that a credit card was paid was at most 1 percent. The value of those credit card payments was higher: this was about 3%.

The Dutch mainly use a credit card for more expensive purchases. When paying with cash, many people feel that they have a better overview of what they spend. When paying by card, it is mainly the convenience that you always have money with you.

Purchase a credit card

Most banking packages include a credit card as standard. The card must be applied for at the bank. Having a checking account is an important condition. The bank also checks the application with the BKR. About two million Dutch people have a credit card. Not everyone is accepted. In addition, there are many people who do not want to have a credit card because they do not want to go into debt. Our purchasing behavior contrasts with America where about 7% of people have no fewer than 7 credit cards or more.

Prepaid credit card

Yet sometimes you cannot escape the use of a credit card. For example, a purchase in an international webshop can often only be paid with a credit card. Even if you are going on holiday to America, a credit card is a must if you want to rent a car, book a hotel or buy something somewhere.

With a Pay2d credit card Pro you can safely go on holiday. You can top up with Ideal whenever you want and you determine the balance on the card yourself. Up to € 5000 can be put on the card and the maximum spend in one day is € 1000 . Would you like more information? Read more about Pay2D on