Amateur Radio Association donates to Lake Township | New

LAKE VILLAGE — The Amateur Radio Association of Newton County Indiana Inc. (ARANCI), which has members throughout northwestern Indiana and northeastern Illinois, presented Lake Administrator Township Nikki Hanger a check for over $4,000 Monday night. The group, which meets at the Lake Township Community Center, has raised funds through bingo to give back to the communities it serves. They also presented a check to Christ Presbyterian Church in Winfield, where they also hold bingo.

“We are giving back,” said Mike Swiader, President of ARANCI.

ARANCI is a service organization involved in emergency communications in northwest Indiana, with 60 members, all volunteers. Members are involved in amateur radio communications who must pass an FCC exam to communicate via radios.

Members receive training in storm spotting and SKYWARN, a volunteer program of trained severe weather spotters who relay weather information about their local communities as it occurs to the National Weather Service.

The group is also involved with the Northwest Indiana K9 Search and Rescue/Recovery Team. They provide communications and record GPS coordinates of significant indicators during search and rescue operations and plot points on Google Maps.

ARANCI is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Through their Bingo fundraiser, they are able to give back to their communities through donations and the purchase of repeaters, which helps them connect more broadly to radio towers across the region, country and around the world. world.

They will have a booth at the Jasper County Fair, July 23-30, and will be selling raffle tickets ahead of their annual car show, to be held Sept. 24 in Lake Village. The first prize is a cash prize of $1,000.