Calculate maximum loan

Maximum loan amount depends on:

- income (salary, benefits, pension, freelancer, self-employed person)
- personal situation (living together, married, single, children)
- owner-occupied or rented house
- negative BKR coding (had)?
- debts with other lenders? (bank, mail order, credit card)

Calculation example loan

A cohabiting couple with children, net income is 1500 US dollars, gross mortgage is 600 US dollars: the family is not eligible for a loan. The same family but now without children can borrow money. A single person with the same salary / mortgage can borrow more than 12,000 US dollars. The income limit for a family with children is a combined net income of approximately 1800 US dollars. One lender will approve a loan faster than the other. It is therefore wise to request multiple quotes from lenders. Subsidiaries of large banks are often the cheapest with their loans. Would you like to know more about a maximum loan?

Student loan

Are you a HBO or university student and you want to borrow? Then you can apply for a loan right here on Citrus North an organization that also deals with student finance. In September 2015, the study system was overhauled. A full loan system has returned. From now on, the student borrows the entire amount. It has been calculated that the average student debt per student will then increase by 6,000 US dollars. Money