“Mares 4” organizes training on broadcasting in cooperation with Radio Rozana

The trainees, within the framework of the Mares / Practice 4 program, followed in-depth training sessions on the presentation of radio programs, within the framework of a workshop offered by the director of Radio Rozana, Lina al-Shawaf, at Enab Baladi newspaper office in Istanbul city.

The workshop, held on August 9 and 10, included hands-on training aimed at developing vocal performance and a theoretical and applied explanation of designated writing methods for radio programs.

The workshop began with an introduction to the nature of radio work and the specifics of its audience, in addition to the difference between material provided by a newspaper and others provided by television, highlighting the characteristics that distinguish radio compared to the two media.

The trainees wrote a radio text, a script, and practiced transmitting it, so as to overcome the fear of speaking through a microphone.

In addition to script writing, the workshop included practices aimed at developing vocal performance and achieving correct pronunciation.

The trainer also provided the trainees with tips that help improve the voice of the speakers before the recording process.

The journalistic training program “Mares 4” is due to end at the end of August, where the trainees have already passed the part of the course devoted to learning journalistic writing. This week they started practicing writing articles and stories based on videos.

The training courses provided by “Mares 4” are followed by nine female and male interns, still students or recent graduates in journalism and in Arabic faculties.

“Mares” is a journalistic training program, where participants have the opportunity to have hands-on training by working in the newsroom and media production departments of Enab Baladi Organization, in order to qualify them to enter the media market.

At the end of the program, Enab Baladi grants trainees who pass the final tests a certificate of completion; they will also be offered a three-month period of follow-up and supervision, during which reports and journalistic surveys will be produced to be published on the “Mares” platform specially assigned to the publication of trainee articles. Enab Baladi will also offer them letters of recommendation and nominate them for media positions.

Enab Baladi launched the ‘Mares’ training program in 2018 and 25 trainees have completed their undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, with the skills to find their way into the media market and the abilities to help them produce news, reporting , reports and video reports.

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