New radio service for Derbyshire retirees in self-isolation

Elderly people isolated in their homes due to the current coronavirus pandemic could benefit from a new free radio network specially set up for the “golden generation”, containing music and memories.

The live service for those over 70, which offers ‘warm and cozy’ streaming and is free to access, and is available throughout Derbyshire and beyond.

Belper-based Radio Reminisce, which originally launched to a more limited audience last year as a paid streaming service, has now secured sponsorship allowing it to be broadcast officially to everyone from Easter Monday.

It will be available online via

Those behind the service said “we can be a positive distraction in the somewhat uncertain and isolating circumstances we find ourselves in.”

The station is committed to playing music and memories and also has special programs tailored for people with dementia, such as On The Wireless, which airs daily.

The concept behind On The Wireless is that people, for example, 80 years old and living with dementia may find that listening to programs around the 1950s (when they are 20) could trigger memories, stimulate the mind. and provide some comfort. Above all, this entertainment is accessible to all and can really help start conversations with listeners.

Radio Reminisce also includes music from the 30s to 70s and offers features like The Daily Tonic, a program meant to build community between all care homes and beyond, bringing smiles, stories, breakouts. head and of course great music and memories.

It was originally launched a little over 12 months ago as an online streaming service with On the Wireless music and story programs for the years 1945-65 and aimed to spark memories and comfort in people with dementia.

Launch of Radio Reminisce last year, from left to right: Pierre Falleth, Director and Commercial Director of Milford Care; Ashley Franklin; Pauline Latham, MP for Mid Derbyshire; Kara Gratton, Care and Development Manager, Milford Care and James Oldrini.

The service was greeted in the House of Commons by former Prime Minister Theresa May when it was drawn to her attention by Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham during Dementia Action Week last May .

The original idea was developed by Belper residents James Oldrini and Ashley Franklin, a former BBC Radio Derby and Saga presenter and it was picked up by the National Care Association and Radio Reminisce found itself reaching out to nursing, residential and care homes across the UK and several thousand more are cared for at home.

But additional sponsorship now means it can reach a wider audience over 70 just at a time when they have been told to stay home due to the pandemic.

Founder Oldrini said: “The core part of Radio Reminisce is the on-demand box set of over 20 one-hour On The Wireless programs.

“Radio Reminisce’s long-term goal is to become a radio network for the care sector, delivering programs to nursing home residents on our live radio stream. Radio Reminisce’s goal is to ensure that that people feel less isolated and therefore in these difficult times of confinement, social distancing and protection – this kind of contactless entertainment is needed more than ever.

“I am delighted to have secured a new investment and a new partner for Radio Reminisce, Josh Stamp, who supports our new initiative of providing free exclusive radio to the Golden Generation and our network of care homes.

“We are broadcasting our specialty On The Wireless programs twice a day and creating the new daily program The Daily Tonic.”

Ashley Franklin said most older people – with or without dementia – have fond memories of when they were young.

He said, “So they will get so much pleasure and comfort from these programs.

“Although we have over 20 On the Wireless programs that we hope nursing homes, retirement villages and family homes will subscribe to – as well as our seniors quizzes, church services and meditation sessions. and chair yoga – we felt we needed to lift the spirits of all the old people in this country who feel lonely and locked in.

“So we decided to bring them a free radio show that they can access every day.”

All you need to access Radio Reminisce is an internet connection and the station can be enjoyed on anything be it a smart phone, PC, tablet or even smart TV and will soon be available on Amazon Alexa.

Just click on play on where you will also find more information on the program schedules.

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