Save big with the big online radio auction

The next Big Radio Auction is live and lasts until 7 p.m. this Saturday evening (April 3). Once again, the auction is online for convenience and to protect everyone from COVID-19. Like last time, we partnered up with our parent company’s auction site, called Seize the deal.

The way that the online auction works is that we’ve pre-priced many of our most popular items, so rather than waiting for the sold bell to ring, you can just go ahead and buy them right away with our ‘Buy It Now’ option. . We still accept auctions on larger items, but just like previous online auctions, this auction takes place over six days. The great part about it is, just like Ebay, you can enter your maximum bid at any time during the week, and if someone outbids you, your bids will be placed automatically in predetermined increments, up to your maximum bid. , or less if not. we bid the item. This means that you can place your bid once and forget about it, and you don’t need to be present when the auction ends. You will need to pay for the items online and certificates will be mailed to you, with no local pickup.

There are sweets fly and deal right now. Some of the items that are in the spring online auction include a complete roof replacement, a retractable awning, a few snowblowers, 200 square feet of oak flooring, a certificate for a bluetooth remote starter, restaurant certificates galore and more.

You can view all items from the spring auction in go here.

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