Hard discount is full of clothes

After the cans of peas sold by twelve to sacrifice price, this is the ready-to-wear also seized by the highly contagious fever “maxi discount” (or hard discount). A phenomenon of… Read more »

Ddouglas 2002

Trumpeter composer Dave Douglas has been creating new worlds for listeners for the past decade. His ethereal writing style for unconventional configurations transports audiences into unfamiliar territory. These distinctive compositions… Read more »

Jmorris 2002

  Joe Morris has been slowly and steadily building a body of work that is as formidable and impressive as any guitarist who has come before him. His approach to… Read more »

Wparker 1

You are listening to WZBC 90.3 FM and this is Test Pattern. Tonight we’ll be hearing music from one of the great minds of our time, the bassist / improvisor… Read more »

Tom tom club

Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth moved to New York City and started the Talking Heads in 1975 with David Byrne as a trio, joining with Jerry Harrison in ’77. A… Read more »


This week airs a special program entitled “The Sound Of Horror”, a 4-hour study on sound design in modern psychological horror films. We will include clips, interviews, and examples of… Read more »


Web surfers and Boston-area listeners can turn to WZBC-FM, Boston College’s radio station. For three hours each Monday night, “Free Association” features “the interrelationship between jazz and improvised music and… Read more »